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Welcome To Foster Academy

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Thank you for your interest in starting a FOSTER ACADEMY a next generation futuristic school.
This is privileged to me, take this opportunity to assist you on the way to opening the school.

 We are delighted to announce that after establishing a landmark in the field of IT, management & Preschool Education, IHT Group has entered in to senior secondary education with the launch of its new chain of senior secondary schools – under the brand ‘FOSTER ACADEMY’. Our franchise system developed over the years of our working. We have proven track record & wealth of practical, real live experience of managing education system profitably. We have tailor made fool proof system, designed to ensure the SUCCESS of our associates. This has being developed during the years for our commitment for excellence.

About IHT Group

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An ISO 9001:2008 certified, professionally managed Public Limited company, leading player in the field of IT, Preschool, soft skills, management education &Training, having trained and placed service professionals successfully for the past eleven years. We have grown in size and stature and now can claim a strong presence in the subcontinent through a network of more than 120 centers and a growing number abroad (Nigeria, Rwanda). We are also registered with Government of RAWANDA (East African Country) for running different ICT Training Projects.
The company strives towards business excellence by virtue of its core competencies in the spheres of R&D, content development, training & education and quality management.